A Little About Zeiteq

Zeiteq is an all-in-one IT service provider and consultant. Whether you are looking to create a web site, ed
create printed materials, contagion
bring in new online customers, generic create an in-house operation management system, get help with software, or automate some simple time-consuming tasks in your office, we can help. Don’t mistake all that to mean we are too expensive for the little guy. Our company caters to individuals as well as small and medium sized businesses and we make every effort to work within your budget. And because we do it all under one roof, you don’t have to worry about coordinating complicated tasks between multiple consultants. In fact, if your project does require some additional people to help, we can take the burden of coordinating your project off your hands.

Zeiteq is based in Toronto, Ontario but we do offer some of our services to cities across North America. The best way to find out if we can help you is by getting in touch with us and letting us know what you are looking for. Once we gather the details and determine we can do the job, we follow up with a price quote that will give you an overall cost as well as identifying the parts of your project that can be modified to save on costs.

We make every effort to explain all the “tech speak” clearly and with language you can understand. We can present options you may not have been aware of and you will be in a position to better evaluate them. No need to have your own IT worker act as a go-between; you don’t even have to know much about computers at all. We can take care of that end of things for you.

Visit the rest of our site to see more details about all the services we offer and then get in touch with us.